Unfortunately this bot has been closed down :(

Vaccines can be found here

Get Covid-19 Vaccine Alerts in Your State

Want to get alerts when Covid-19 vaccines are available in your area? Just enter your state and email, and then click 'Get Alerts!' to start getting alerts now!

Your address is kept private and is only needed to measure drive time and distance from the given address.
If you do not want to know distance and drive time leave it blank.

Trying to find a Covid-19 vaccine has been hard for many people lately. To make it easier I've created this bot that looks for available appointments at different CVS locations in your state, and alerts you when one is available. The bot will send alerts to your email and tell you how far the location is if you enter in an address. After that, the bot will look for open appointments in your state every 30 minutes. That's all you have to do!