latest project

For a while now I've enjoyed working with Raspberry-Pi Microcontrollers. I decided to build a two-wheeled, self-balancing robot as a fun project using an RPi. This project required two motors, a motor controller board, an IMU, and an RPi all on a small base. The project uses a PID response loop with input from the IMU to send output to the motors and keep the robot balanced.

A sudoku solver made in c++. This solver uses SDL2 for rendering a GUI and uses a basic brute-force backtracking algorithm to visualize the solution of any sudoku puzzle.

A chess engine written in c++, still in development.

A chess game playable in the console, written in c++. Allows 2 player chess (no engine) through a cli

An online chat app written in javascript, html, and css. This chat app uses express for hosting a web server and for websockets. Use the chat app here.

Simply a console-based tic-tac-toe game written in c++.